Online Training Games, Quizzes and Assessments

  • 4 customizable game templates

  • Classroom, eLearning and webinar application

  • Use with wireless keypads and/or mobile devices

  • In minutes - add your content and play

Baseball Trivia Game

See how much you know about, what Babe Ruth called "The Greatest Game in the World!"

Summertime Trivia

Play this good old summer time trivia game and see how you can create games with any content.

Quick Games to Engage ANY Audience

  • 4 action-based energizer games

  • Ideal for quick review & quizzes

  • Use with wireless keypads and/or mobile devices

  • Classroom, eLearning and webinar application

To the Moon!

Race to the moon in this scary Halloween-Themed trivia game built with MoonShot!

Go Green Pirates!

Take the Green Challenge and learn about energy, recycling & keeping it green!

Create Engaging Mobile Learning in an Instant

  • Delivery to any mobile device

  • 2 easy-to-build platforms

  • Present your training material in manageable chunks

  • Track real-time results in your training sessions

Baseball Trivia

Play the Baseball Trivia Quiz and see how SPARK can be used to powerfully deliver your content to your remote workforce.


Play the Presidential Trivia game and see how WHIRL can be used to deliver your content in a fun and engaging way!

Engage. Interact. Assess.

    TALLY takes audience engagement to a whole new level. Each trainee responds to a LIVE presentation via any mobile device. Play in teams or all-play mode while answers can be in open ended, multiple choice and image-markers. The Presenter sees real-time responses for meaningful interaction.

Interactive PowerPoint in a Flash

  • Create within your own PowerPoint slides

  • Use with wireless keypads and/or mobile devices

  • Fun animated results in real-time

  • Collect results and data for assessments

Effective Audience Polling - In a SNAP!

    Click transforms any presentation into a powerful interactive way to learn. Click is a great tool for gathering and compiling valuable feedback from your audience instantly. Automatically capture results from any group anonymously or by individual.