Sample Games & Quizzes

Here you'll find a sampling of the many ways YOU can customize your elearning games and quizzes within seconds. These are just but a few examples of some interactive, online training games with general trivia questions. You're also welcome to use these games anytime for your classroom or web.

Self-Paced Games

Gobble Gobble!

Add a new twist to your holiday gathering this year with this fun (and informative) Turkey Day Trivia Game. (Created with SPARK)

Hello Spring!!

Play the Hello Spring Trivia (created with SPARK) and see how much you know about this wonderful season of sunshine and rebirth.

Train like a Jedi

Test your knowledge of the Star Wars universe (created with SPARK) and become the brightest light saber in the galaxy.

Presidential Whirl

See how you can deliver your content in a fun and engaging way with this witty Presidential Trivia game. (Created with WHIRL)

Team-Based Games

Batter Up!

See how much you know about, what Babe Ruth called, The Greatest Game in the World! (Created with QUIZ SHOW)

Spin for Love

See how you can "jazz up" your training content with custom photos, videos or sound clips. (Created with SPIN OFF)

Sweetheart Trivia

Play the Valentine’s Trivia Contest and see how you can deliver quizzes, games and polls for your remote training. (Created with CATAPULT)

New Years Billionaire!

Play the New Years Trivia Game and see if you can make it to the top. (Created with BILLIONAIRE)

A Boo-tiful Night

Play the spook-tacular quiz and see if you can make it out alive! Bwahhh Haaaa Haaaa (Created with MOONSHOT)