Sample Games & More

Here you'll find a sampling of the many ways YOU can customize your game within seconds. These are just but a few examples of some interactive, online training games with general trivia questions. You're also welcome to use these games anytime for your classroom or web. Click to explore the gallery of images, play a few training games, have some fun...and become smarter in the process.


See how much you know about, what Babe Ruth called, The Greatest Game in the World!


Play the New Years Trivia game and make your way to the top of the ladder.


See how you can "jazz up" your training content with custom photos, videos or sound clips.


Test your coffee trivia with this interactive ShowDown game..


See how much you know about love with this clever Valentine's Day Trivia Contest.


Learn about the Pilgrims, traditional feasts and the Mayflower with this Thanksgiving Trivia Contest.


More monsters coming your way with this scary Halloween Trivia Contest.


See how you can deliver your content in a fun and engaging way with this witty trivia game.


Take the Green Challenge and learn about energy, recycling & keeping it green!


Play the Valentine's Game and see if you can break Lord Black's heart...I mean castle!


Play the Halloween Trivia Contest and see how you can add your content to this fun game template.


Put the pedal to the metal and go head-to-head in this Grandprix Safety Game.