Quiz Show

(Instructor-led and self-paced learning)

Inspired by a classic TV game show, Quiz Show offers a powerful way to energize your classroom. Fully customizable and easy-to-use, this program enables you to create games through gameboard templates using your instructional material. This fast-paced game can be enhanced by adding video, audio, or graphics to your questions. Quiz Show will help you make your content more compelling and your training more effective.

Spin Off

(Instructor-Led Training and E-Learning)

With SpinOff, your students will be off on an energizing adventure, starring your content. Create a category (i.e. Safety) for each “spoke” of the wheel and fill the category with media-rich questions from your content. Have your students spin the wheel and interact with the question's that you place behind each category. Load as many questions behind each category as you wish, to have students “drill down” into your content. Your students are a spin away from an engaging exploration of your subject matter. Give it a spin!


(Action Game with Cooperative Play Option for Instructor-Led Training and E-Learning)

Experience a medieval battle of wit, as players attempt to protect their castle empires in Catapult. Their ability to correctly answer your questions is the only way they can protect their castles from a catapult cannonade. Once the battle's over and the castle has fallen, your hero's results are sent to you immeditately. They will strive, with not a frown, to knock their rivals castles down.

(Self-paced E-learning content in manageable chunks)

With SPARK's easy-to-build platform and one-click deployment, you'll have a powerful way to present your training material in manageable chunks.

• Quizzes

• Games

• Review

• Polling

• Tutorials

• SCORM LMS Compliant

• Mobile Compatible

• Track Real Time Results

(Spin to Win, adding extra bonus points, in this casino-inspired E-Learning game)

Gamification with Mobile Learning! Spin the wheel to deliver self-paced content.

• Quizzes

• Review

• Games

• Assess

• SCORM LMS Compliant

• Mobile Compatible

(Live, Interactive, Instructor-led Presentations with Quiz, Poll, and Open-Ended questions)

TALLY takes audience engagement to a whole new level. Each trainee responds to a LIVE presentation via any mobile device. Play in teams or all-play mode while answers can be in open ended, multiple choice and image-markers. The Presenter sees real-time responses for meaningful interaction.

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