A Medieval Challenge of Wit!

Be prepared to battle it out in this fun-filled castle crasher as you try to outwit your opponent. Advance your attack with catapults, dragons and a bit of magic and watch as you smash your way through your opponents castle to claim the sweet rewards of victory.


Protect your medieval castle by answering questions based on your content. A successful reply will grant the ability to blast your opponents castle using your trusty catapult.

2021 New Years Trivia

Celebrate the new year with us by testing one of our latest games - Catapult and see how you can deliver quizzes, games and polls for your remote training.

We trained over 400 Sales Hometown store owners in 4 sessions! The game ran in with out a hiccup like last year too! I want to thank you for your support again! It is always great knowing when I go into these big events that you are only a phone call away.

Mary(Electrolux Major Appliances)

Sir Trainersforth

With the new builder, game creation is even easier. With a simple click, you're editing questions, graphics, game options, logo, avatars, team names and colors all within an easy to follow navigation bar. When you're finished, click Publish to either practice your game or publish your game live!

Last Castle Standing

Four different castle crushing animations make answering correctly a treat! Each correctly answered question will result in a spectacle of catapulted rocks, heaps of garbage, fire balls, launched poison vials that change your avatar into a green ogre and fire breathing dragons will finally bring their opponents' castle to the ground.

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