Your NEW Favorite Hollywood Gameshow!

Completely reengineered and redesigned, this new tool makes it easier than ever to deliver your content in the most powerful (and fun!) way.

Navigating Quiz Show

Watch this jump start video to experience how easy it is to deliver your content with Quiz Show!

Play a Sample Quiz Show Game

Here you'll find a sampling of the many ways YOU can customize your elearning games and quizzes within seconds. These are just but a few examples of some interactive, online training games with general trivia questions.

Luck O' the Irish Quiz

You don't have to be Irish to kick up your heels on St. Patty's Day. Play our quiz and make your friends green with envy!

The Spooooky Quiz

Play the spook-tacular quiz and see if you can make it out alive! Bwahhh Haaaa Haaaa

Batter Up!

See how much you know about, what Babe Ruth called, The Greatest Game in the World!

Let's Talk Turkey!

Add a new twist to your holiday gathering this year with this fun (and informative) Turkey Day Trivia Game.

Choose a game "mode" to match your training scenario

The improved step-by-step game builder makes it simple to optimize the game to
your training scenario.

Make a Quick Game

Drag-and-drop questions from your Question Library or create a new question, and you're done!

Note: You can have a game that consists of 3 questions by 3 categories up to 5 questions by 5 categories.

Add Preview & Summary Screens

Display text, pictures, sounds or video BEFORE and/or AFTER a question by using the Preview and Summary Screen. It's a great way to introduce content BEFORE the questions appear and helps expand on the question AFTER the teams have answered to create a learning experience.

One-Click Color Themes

Want a customized game theme but don't have extra time on your hands? We hear you. Now you can change things up and customize your game's look in one click with our pre-designed color themes. Or set the tone for a special event by uploading your event logo and custom intro video!

Notice the Difference?

Compare a game created with PowerPoint to a game you can build with the BRAVOZONE. You'll feel like a pro even if you're a beginner as you create games with your branding, teams, fonts, colors, logos and more.

Design Text That Stands Out

The new text editor gives you more customization options to get the look you’re envisioning! Add typographical emphasis by making text bold, italicized, or underlined. Whatever you’re imagining when adding text to your questions, this new editor will help you bring your games and quizzes to life.

Game Text Feature

You only need to edit a few words (or all of them) in our new Game Text Editor to set the desired language of your interface text. Simply edit the labels provided to your desired language and watch how it affects what is seen on the game board as well as any smart devices that participants are using, making it easy for you to completely change the language of your game if you so choose.

Interact with Smart Devices

Take your audience to a whole new level with mobile devices. Each trainee responds to a LIVE presentation via any mobile device. Play in teams or all-play mode and see their responses in real-time.

QR codes for participants

Participation is quick and easy with QR codes: just point a phone's camera at the code and they're ready to play.

More Results

A quick glance will show you a Pass, Fail or Incomplete status for each participant. Dig a little deeper and find out exactly how each user answered by viewing the details: there you will see the user's response for each question, making it easy to know what they know. You can also download the data file as a spreadsheet.