Powerful eLearning

The easiest,​ and​ most flexible way to create​ and ​manage your eLearning content​ for delivery to any mobile device. With 2 easy-to-build platforms​,​ you'll have a powerful way to ​place your training material front and center.

• Quizzes

• Games

• Review

• Polling

• Tutorials

• SCORM LMS Compliant

• Mobile Compatible

• Track Real Time Results

For the love of Coffee

Grab a cup of your favorite Joe and see how much you know about this amazing bean with our National Coffee Day Quiz.

New Years Trivia

Play the New Years quiz for 2021 and see how much you know about holiday traditions from around the world!

Baseball Trivia

Test your baseball knowledge with this fun interactive online training game.

Presidential Trivia

See how you can deliver your content in a fun and engaging way and learn some interesting facts about the US Presidents.

Spring Time Quiz

Play this fun, interactive quiz and see how much you know about Spring.

Add Preview & Summary Screens

Display text, pictures, sounds or video BEFORE and/or AFTER a question by using the Preview and Summary Screen. It's a great way to introduce content BEFORE the questions appear and helps expand on the question AFTER the teams have answered to create a learning experience.

About C3 SoftWorks

With over 35 years of involvement in education and training, we bring a deep understanding of the instructional challenges you face. Whether you’re teaching in the classroom, or over the web, our customizable training game software will help you present your content in the most engaging way.

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