See how you can "jazz up" your training content with custom photos, videos or sound clips.

Choose a game "mode" to match your training scenario

The improved step-by-step game builder makes it simple to optimize the game to
your training scenario.

Click to Convert to HTML5

Up-convert your existing Spin Off games into flash-free HTML5 versions. Choose "Convert to HTML5" from the Actions menu and all the questions and categories will be pulled into the new Builder. Choose the mode that matches your training scenario, run a practice session, or simply Publish it in seconds flat!

Time for "Pie" (or a Category)

Creating this "pie" requires your content as the main ingredient. Simply click a pie wedge to start adding questions and you're off to editing each pie/category.

Choose how you'd like the questions presented (randomly, or in sequence from one category)

Wheel Display
Each category gives you the option to edit the icon, category name, the color and whether or not you want to display the wheel pies as an image, text or number.

Make a Quick Game

Drag-and-drop questions from your Question Library or create a new question, and you're done!

Note: You can have from 1-10 questions per category and your categories don't need to have the same number of questions.

One-Click Color Themes

Want a customized game theme but don't have extra time on your hands? We hear you. Now you can change things up and customize your game's look in one click with our pre-designed color themes. Or set the tone for a special event by uploading your event logo and custom intro video!

QR codes for participants

Life just got a lot easier for participants: just point a phone's camera at the QR code and they're in the game.

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