Online Training Games from ANY Location

The C3 Cloud is an online classroom software utility designed to make it easy for you to create, manage and deliver your training games and presentations from any computer (PC or MAC). The C3 Cloud provides you with a way to house your training content in a remote location for fast, easy access - anytime/anywhere.

Create Online Training Games, Quizzes, Polls or Surveys

Choose from 11 powerful programs (BRAVO!, PRONTO!, PRESTO! and TALLY) with easy-to-use templates to create your own custom classroom or online content. Whether it's a game, quiz, survey or a poll, the C3 Cloud provides a place to store your content, ensuring that your games and presentations are accessible whenever and wherever you need them.

Invite Users

There are 4 different levels to select from when it comes to assigning users to your cloud account. You decide who is going to be an Administrator, a Builder, an Instructor or a Student. Each level gives them unique abilities, depending on which level you choose. The C3 Cloud will automatically create a URL that you can paste into an email and send to the users you would like to invite.

My Content

Create amazing quizzes and presentations and watch how the C3 Cloud saves everything automatically to your My Content tab. With the C3 Cloud, you get a preview list of all of your quizzes and games - allowing you to sort them by any option you choose. And, don't worry...if you need to recover a deleted file, that feature is available anytime as well.

The C3 Cloud has additional options for each quiz, so you can do things like make unlimited edits, share via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more! You can even copy a link and embed your quiz on your web page.

Shared Quizzes

C3 Cloud makes it easy for you to share quizzes and games you create with others on a Shared Quizzes page. Each quiz gives you additional options, providing complete control over who sees what quiz.


Reports gives you multiple options to view your data, so you can detect patterns, recognize trends and pin-point trouble spots. View by quiz, type, score, instuctor, device, speed and more - giving you ultimate control over your own data.

With two flexible options to choose from, it's now even easier to create, share and play your training games. The method that will work best for you largely depends on the type of training you want to do and how you want to deploy it. For some consumers, who want to skip downloading and the installation process, the CLOUD option might be best. Games can be created and shared with no downloading whatsoever. For others, who like the more traditional LOCAL approach, the lifetime license is a perfect solution to download and go offline. No matter which method you choose, both cloud and local perform superbly.

C3 Cloud Security

Maintaining a secure environment for your data is important to us, so that's why we have taken steps to to ensure that your data is safe and secure. We have provided a list of common questions you may have regarding C3 Cloud and the variety of services selected to help ensure that your information is in a secure cloud environment.

Where is C3 Cloud hosted?
C3 Cloud is hosted on Rackspace™ which is headquartered in San Antonio, TX. They operate data centers on four continents and is the global leader in hybrid cloud. They offer reliable platforms for software services used by thousands of businesses worldwide. Rackspace security management's model consists of four main stages: Plan, Do, Check, Act, as recommended by the ISO 27001 standard. This standard is recognized globally as the most comprehensive framework for establishing and maintaining information security best practices within an organization.

For more information, visit Rackspace Security
For more information on ISO 27001, visit

How secure is the storage space on C3 Cloud?
Rackspace has compliance and validation phases that help assure their implemented controls are operating effectively and are in sync with the policies set by the security organization. Rackspace adheres to the following information security and related certifications and standards.

  • ISO 27002
  • ISO 27001
  • SSAE16
  • SOC 1

  • SOC 2
  • SOC 3

What network-level security is used?
C3 Cloud leverages Rackspace's database access monitoring, SSL encryption and key managment solutions to protect your important information. The services are hosted in a protected server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technology to help prevent interference or access from outside intruders and attacks.