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Becky Pluth Chairman & Chief Training Officer Becky has over 15 years experience as a training professional and two training industry best-selling books.
Implementing BRAVO! with PING
Engineer Curiosity Using C3Softworks
Dr. Sivasailam “Thiagi” Founder of The Thiagi Group The Thiagi Group is an organization that designs leadership, soft-skills, and technical training for corporate clients.
Stacy Brull Mercy Medical Center Learn how Mercy Medical Center has utilized C3 SoftWorks' technology into their educational environment.
3 ways to bring technology into any educational environment
Paul Massarelli - LT Baltimore, MD Fire Department Learn how Paul used C3 SoftWorks' technology to provide a more interactive and engaging solution for his training.
Training with Game-Based Learning (CASE STUDY)
HVAC Excellence ESCO Group Find out how HVACR educators and trainers incorporated Sustainable Technologies into their training.
Teaching Sustainability In a Fun and Interactive Way
IAMSE A Multimedia Audience Response Game Show for Medical Education Learn how IAMSE used C3 SoftWorks' BRAVO! software and received an overwhelmingly positive response.
Audience Response Game Show for Medical Education (CASE STUDY)
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Writing Effective Test Questions

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• Articulate your goals for testing
• Align your testing strategy with your goals
• Match the type of test questions you use to your learning objectives

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C3 SoftWorks Blog

May 9, 2017

Using Games at Trade Shows

by Paul Keller, Training Specialist, C3 SoftWorks

May 4, 2017

Using Games to Teach

by Paul Keller, Training Specialist, C3 SoftWorks

Dull Training is Deadly

Studies show that 1 out of 3 employees say that uninspiring training is a barrier to their learning*. So, how do you enhance your employees' ability to learn? How do you ensure that your training is effective and attendees are retaining the material?

C3 SoftWorks has a simple solution:


Engaging your trainees is the critical first step in the learning pro­cess. At C3 SoftWorks, we offer easy-to-use tools, to help trainers deliver their content in the most powerful way. These tools, fueled by the act of competition, create an engaging and interactive learning environment.

The Power of Games

Games Instantly Spark Engagement

  • Employees learn best when they're cognitively involved

  • They tap into emotion through pleasure, reward, competition

Games provide Immediate Feedback and Increase Retention

  • Identify knowledge gaps and remediate in the moment

  • Contextual review helps information stick

Games provide a Safe Environment to Fail

  • Games disarm learners - they don't feel like they're being assessed

  • Team play offers the sense of protection

Games are Fun with a Purpose

  • Games provide cognitive engagement between learner and topic

  • Games celebrate your content and reward achievement

*Embracing change/towards maturity 2015-2016 industry benchmark report)

White Papers & Case Studies

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White Paper from

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3 Ways to bring technology into any educational environment

Susan Finlayson, SVP Baltimore and Stacey Brull, Sr. Director, Mercy Medical Center, Baltimore

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Engineer Curiosity Using C3Softworks (Article by: Becky Pike Pluth)

Becky is the President and CEO and has been using C3 SoftWorks' technology in her training design and development for over 5 years.

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Training with Game-Based Learning (Case Study)

Paul Massarelli, Lieutenant at Baltimore County’s Fire Department, has been an instructor for over 20 years and is in charge of all EMS training for the Maryland County. With over 1,000 employees and volunteers, Paul has been in charge of training them all! See how Paul is engaging his students and helping them study for exams by using interactive polling questions with the BRAVO! Game Builder.

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A Multimedia Audience Response Game Show for Medical Education (Case Study)

Robin K. Pettit, Lise McCoy, Marjorie Kinney & Frederic N. Schwartz
Published online: 3 April 2014
International Association of Medical Science Educators 2014

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