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Are you returning to the classroom soon and feel a little anxiety about how to do that? Have you been wondering about the tools to increase engagement, or how to get more value out of the ones you’re already using? In this blog post, we’re going to discuss what you should be looking for in a content delivery product (and service) so that you can transform your next training session with fun and purpose.

What is gamification and how does it work with content delivery?

The basic concept of gamification is not new, but the word itself didn’t enter our lexicon until the 21st century. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of gamification is the following:

The old concept of applying an interactive point and reward system {to a task} to encourage participation is still very relevant in our world today; it’s the invitation of turning something potentially tedious into something fun and engaging. Gamification plays on our human desire for competition and provides instant gratification for our achievements. When applied effectively, you can turn a Training Manual or review into a gamified session (that people actually enjoy!) while improving retention and productivity.

Most of the gamification products you see are now offered online as a subscription service.

It is a mobile delivery tool for the content that you create for your training and/or education programs, with varying methods and benefits, so it’s important for you to know what to look for so you don’t get overwhelmed.

So without further adieu, here are some factors to consider:

1) Can you customize the templates with your brand?

How does the customization work? Aesthetically speaking, will it look like ‘your’ content or the providers? What are the limitations, if any? How does the interface work?

2) Is there a variety of games or quizzes offered?

No class or training session is the same, so your tool set should reflect a variety of offerings for any event. Are there options for the classroom and self-paced learning? Can you also deliver a webinar with them? Do the game formats offer animations and fun visuals? Do they have both single-category and multi-category templates? How interactive are they?

3) How intuitive is the software or program?

Is the builder straightforward and step-by-step, or is there a learning curve? Does it offer many options...or too many? Could everyone on your team feel comfortable using it, or only the technically savvy? Do they have a Question Library?

4) What are the delivery requirements?

Can you easily embed your game into a presentation? Can you host the game in your own LMS (Learning Management System)? What capabilities do your end users need to have? Can they participate with their own devices?

5) Do they offer data management?

Will they track performance for you, if desired? How detailed is that data? Can you track both live sessions as well as single scores (per student)? How secure and private is that data?

6) What is the overall service and ease of use?

Can you easily envision how you will use their product? Can you access sample games to test drive? Do they offer a demo process? Do they include training and support?

Do your homework and don't compromise

You know your organization and its learning requirements the best, so show up to a call or meeting with your list of demands and know that the *right fit* will meet most, if not all, of those demands. Determine what your intangible goals are before you link with a service or product so you can align those with them and ensure you deliver just that:

* Do you want to improve engagement?
* Do you want to find a fun and effective way to reconnect your team?
* Do you want to work on team building?
* Do you need to improve communication?
* Do you want one-on-one support with that process?
* Do you want assistance with getting budget approval?

Get in the game and have fun

The hardest part is finding the right product and service for you...everything after that is supposed to be fun. Maybe you're already using our products- or you're using another platform- either way, just make sure you actually employ and use it. If you're not, ask yourself why that is and how to resolve it. If it's a simple tech issue, a quick call to your IT team can help. If it's a confidence or how-to issue, contact your representative for some best practice tips and recommendations. Gamification can truly transform your training when it's applied consistently. It also has many uses outside of the classroom, so get creative and start thinking outside the box and watch your engagement and participation continue to level up!

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