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Corporate Trainers; Learning & Development; K-12 Education | By: Erin Patrick-Proza

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Did you know that virtual training is still the dominant way people are training and learning? How confident are you that your program is delivering content that sticks and people enjoy? In this blog, we will discuss some recent findings from our partners at the Bob Pike Group to better understand how to adapt to our new norms with the power of gamification and effective content delivery.

The Bob Pike Group (2022) Virtual Training Insider Report

Our partners at the Bob Pike Group recently published their internal white paper on virtual training, where they conducted a survey across multiple industries and company sizes. You will learn about some of those insights in this blog so you can think about how you might want to shape your virtual learning with a more participant-centered and interactive approach. You can request their full report here. These are just a few of the key takeaways from their findings on virtual training to consider:

    It’s not going away.
    22% of training was delivered virtually pre-pandemic vs 78% today.

    Face-to-face training is making a comeback.
    58% are back to F2F now, and 20% plan to be back later in 2022.

    Virtual Training by the numbers.
    80% have over 30 participants in virtual training.

These quick data points lead us to conclude that virtual training is here to stay. Although many are returning to in-person environments, the agility and flexibility of virtual spaces have changed the way we work, train, learn, exercise, or even conduct our healthcare. Of course, there will always be some learning models that are most appropriate for classroom instruction, but the lessons we’ve learned about virtual training don’t have to stop when we end the session. In fact, the strategies we use to encourage participation and increase engagement are applicable to every aspect of creating a culture of learning for any scenario.

While cost savings for online and virtual learning is considerable, it’s not what the professional trainers and managers reported as the primary driver. Safety and Covid protocols continue to be very popular topics for virtual training. Additionally, remote workers need the option to join these modules *remotely* and need spaces that accommodate that in a simple and accessible way. And lastly, some of the reported outliers of primary drivers indicate that people can and want to connect globally with devices that deliver content efficiently, and in the digital format most people in the workforce would prefer to consume it.

In this survey, 48% of the respondents self-reported that they use Zoom, followed by a list of other online platforms. Although the data does not determine this as a causal relationship, we may be able to infer that people prefer to use Zoom for its many features and applications that allow for more interaction, participation, and ease of use. Some of the biggest obstacles cited to virtual training were:

  • Time (or lack thereof) to design new content

  • Challenges with converting content to virtual environments


So, the question is, how do we keep participants engaged while learning effectively in virtual training?

We probably can’t help you find more time on your busy calendars, but we can help with the engagement factor, ease of use, and a
better learning experience for everyone involved. And who knows, maybe that will end up saving you some precious time.

Gamification is about more than trivia, recall, and review.

One of the eight customizable templates in our comprehensive platform, the BRAVOZONE, is called TALLY. It is an engaging presentation tool that invites you and your participants to think beyond the PowerPoint box and helps you create content that your students will enjoy…while delivering serious learning. Easily create content imported directly from your decks that can go from the classroom to the boardroom and put the power of play in the palm of your hands. TALLY helps you take audience engagement to a whole new level because you can ask your participants to join your presentation and interact with your content directly through a variety of options:

  • Live polling questions

  • Multiple Choice questions

  • True or False questions

  • Image mapping

  • Open-ended questions

  • Lecture with your imported slides

There’s no passive learning here, as your students are deliberately participating in your presentation from start to finish. They get to instantly apply their knowledge of the material being presented and get real-time feedback to reinforce their learning. While the lecture is still a component of this model to instruct and inform, it is also enriched with opportunities for active learning to take place. But what fun would this be if people couldn’t win? TALLY is gamified training, in that your participants can earn points by answering knowledge checks correctly or by engaging with the content.

But maybe you want to shore up retention and use a self-paced option as a review tool and see what your students remember two days after a session. TALLY allows you to convert your presentation into an eLearning module with one click (or, toggle). You can even record and narrate your lesson for a more immersive experience! Now you can assess their comprehension and identify any potential knowledge gaps for remediation while they have fun taking a quiz. And of course, all of your performance data can be found in our reporting tool as one of the platform’s comprehensive features.

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Virtual training is not going away anytime soon. If you’re not confident in your current approach, we’d be happy to provide a free consultation to learn more about your goals and what the BRAVOZONE can offer, whether you’re just starting out or you’re one of our seasoned current clients. With over 35 years of experience in training and education, we’re passionate about helping people find unique solutions to their training challenges. We strive to make gamification easy so you can focus on creating quality content that sticks and everyone enjoys, including you! But don’t take our word for it:

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