How to use game-based training for workflow learning

Corporate Trainers; Learning & Development; K-12 Education | By: Erin Patrick-Proza

Is your learning and development program set up to support performance? Do you have options for workflow learning available? The pandemic has changed the landscape for L&D in numerous ways, and one significant shift is in how we conceptualize the end goal of training: is it 1) to impart knowledge and change behaviors? Or, is it 2) to enable and empower the workforce to improve their performance without disrupting their productivity? Can it be both? In this blog, we dive into how designing courses with your objectives in mind combined with the power of gamification can help make the most out of your training program this year.

Workflow learning

The concept of workflow learning is relatively simple: it essentially bridges the gap between working and learning. Instead of learning serving as a linear progression with a separate process from working, workflow learning is about providing the right insights and the right tools at the right time; i.e., when the learner needs it in order to support and guide their performance. This has sounded and looked similar in recent years, and you may have heard it referred to as “On-demand learning” or various other terms, but the fundamental and modernized idea is the same. The ultimate goal of workflow learning is to allow people to learn or recall content that will optimize business performance without a significant interruption to their actual work.

Some of the hallmark aspects of workflow learning are as follows:

    1) There are many times that training is appropriate for groups and collaborations, but workflow learning is about personalization, so it is primarily asynchronous or self-paced. This does not mean that it doesn’t have room for social learning and sharing!

    2) It is short in length and highly specific to a job role or performance objective. It is about answering an immediate question so that workers can learn or expand on a skill and continue on with their day.

    3) It often employs smart tools with search functionality, or an ability to cater to learning on-the-go, instead of a scheduled session with learning objectives.

The result from workflow learning is expanded knowledge with real-life applications, and an accessible way for workers to practice a new skill or solve problems.

Game-based learning

This is where gamification can offer a wealth of benefits: a non-threatening learning environment where learners can access new information; apply their knowledge; practice or improve a new skill; and find creative ways to problem solve. The power of play creates a culture of learning that is both fun and educational, where you may use point systems, badges, and/or leaderboards…or simply tap into the intrinsic drive to continue to improve (which is the real goal, really).

Gamification also encourages active learning and it is participant-centered, which means that it blends perfectly with workflow learning, or any training that is self-paced or on-demand. It provides a solution that is easy to employ and easy to deliver that delights your learners and instructors, while providing serious learning opportunities. It also speaks loudly to the employee experience in the work environment. Here are our “3 M’s” to consider:

  • Motivational
    Active learning is dependent on how motivated learners are, so it is important to make it inspiring, cross-cultural and interactive. People who are just entering the workforce are wanting to learn in a completely different way than people about to retire, and games help to bridge that gap.

  • Meaningful
    Keep it relevant and accessible for in-demand learning. There is a reason that there has been a huge shift to eLearning, and it’s not just fallout from the pandemic; people want and need to learn on the job and on the go.

  • Memorable
    In a flexible and fast-paced learning environment, a little has to go a long way, so it needs to create an experience that is memorable and informative. This sounds easier said than done, but games that are short but sweet not only make it more fun, but they also help boost productivity and knowledge retention.

Try it out with this self-paced blog content, created with SPARK, one of the customizable templates in the BRAVOZONE!

Workflow learning, with the power of play, provides the experience your workers are looking for. Josh Bersin and LinkedIn recently published some new research about how important it is to engage your employees with the opportunity to learn. They conducted a large survey, and among some of the questions they asked was what inspires people the most at work. Josh Bersin states,

    "In the research we just completed, we found that employees who spend time at work learning are 47% less likely to be stressed, 39% more likely to feel productive and successful, 23% more ready to take on additional responsibilities, and 21% more likely to feel confident and happy. And the more you learn, the happier you become.”

The opportunity to grow and learn is a top priority for your employees, so why not answer that with a culture of learning that really stands out? Gamification is more than trivia, recall, and review. In its most optimistic sense, it is a mechanism that promotes learning in an engaging and fun way. It helps to meet your learners where they are with information when they need it, resulting in a better learning experience. Especially if you’re tasked with making self-paced content more exciting in a workflow approach, game-based learning is now a very important methodology in your training.

At C3 SoftWorks, our goal is to help you find more unique ways to support your learning and development programs. If you’re not confident in your current approach, we’d be happy to provide a free consultation to learn more about your goals and what the BRAVOZONE can offer, whether you’re just starting out with gamification or you’re one of our seasoned current clients. With over 35 years of experience in training and education, we’re passionate about helping people find solutions to their training challenges. We strive to make gamification easy so you can focus on creating quality content that everyone enjoys, including you! But don’t take our word for it:

"For our recent training I created a refresher Jeopardy-style game. It went over real well. I tried my hand at some customizations; adding opening music, and a few pictures, and made the avatars resemble our trainers and supervisors that were participating for the week.I find your product to be very easy to use and a lot of fun too."

Carolyn (Blue Cross Blue Shield)

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