Using Games to Review Content

The old axiom of training is, “Tell ‘em, Tell ‘em again and Tell ‘em what you told ‘em.” Review is a critical practice when delivering training or making presentations, especially to audiences with short attention spans. (Trainers, you know who I'm talking about.)

A great way to review your material is to use a game. Games change the pace in the classroom or during your presentation and provide an opportunity for everyone to participate, even if they are not the one answering the question. Games help your audience retain more information for a longer duration.

Suppose you have a 60-minute presentation and at the end of the presentation you want to review your key points. Using a game such as the Billionaire Game is perfect if you have fewer questions and a shorter amount of time to review. The Billionaire Game allows you the flexibility of using 1-15 questions. We do suggest you create a minimum of at least four questions for the game to be effective.

If you have a minimum of 10 questions and a large audience, then using QuizShow game is a better choice. You can create a test bank of 25 questions with Billionaire– five questions within five different categories.

At the end of your presentation, bring up the game to play with one or two players or teams. Try to keep your set-up time short by selecting “volunteers” before you launch the game. Don't be afraid to use single-player mode and use your audience as a single player.

Here's a Tip: The smoothest way to transition to your game without leaving PowerPoint (or whatever presentation tool you're using) is to create a hyperlink to the Quiz.exe or Play.exe file in the folder where your game is located. This allows the game to just pop up and start running.

Next time you're ready to "Tell ‘em again", use a game like BRAVO! to review and quiz your audience. Make learning fun!