Using Game Formats to Teach Anything

Have you ever been asked to put together a presentation with little more than a moment's notice? Or worse yet, you need to develop your presentation quickly and you know the topic is so boring that watching paint dry sounds more exciting? Game formats can help teach or review any topic, but they can also rescue any presenter from committing “death by Power- Point”.

After you have delivered your introductory and opening statements, level-set your audience with some basic information about the key points. You want everyone on the same page of knowledge before you begin asking questions. They should have enough general knowledge to answer a majority of the questions with some percent of accuracy; otherwise they will be made to feel incompetent and may “shut down” from the rest of your presentation.

The next step is to take your key points and use them to create categories in a Jeopardy-style game. With BRAVO! Classroom you can create three to fi ve categories with up to five questions in each category. Questions can be formatted as either True/False, multiple choice or open-ended to create dialog among your audience. Images and audio files can be added to the questions to reach the diff erent learning styles of your attendees.

Do you have an existing presentation you've delivered a few times that leaves your audience flat? Leverage the good content you've already developed in your PowerPoint slides. Quiz Show allows you to attach PowerPoint slides to a question to reinforce or expand on your key points.

A game show format, is a terrifi c presentation technique to capture your audience's attention and hold it right through to the end. The graphics, sound effects and the change of pace from your lecture to interactive discussion all combine to heighten your audience's attention level. Using a game format ensures everybody comes out a winner. It enhances your skills as a presenter and helps your audience retain information longer after the presentation ends.