Using Games for a Lecture

People agree games are a great way to review a topic, but what about using games to deliver your core educational principles? Absolutely! Here are some tips to accomplish this.

There is an old teaching adage, "Tell them what you are going to teach them. Teach them. Then tell them what you taught them." Games are a perfect way to close a presentation and review the points you want them to remember. Both game formats will work, but the Billionaire Game is a perfect tool to help you accomplish this. It allows you the flexibility of using 1-15 questions. We suggest using a minimum of four questions. At the end of the presentation, you can play with one, two or a team of players. How you do this depends on how much time you have left, but to keep the game short you want to keep your set up time short. Choosing “volunteer(s)” even before giving your presentation may be wise.
Your next step will be to open the game and play. Single player mode may also be used. In this scenario, the class as a whole is the single player.

Note: Creating a hyperlink from PowerPoint to the Quiz.exe (MQS) or Play.exe (MBG) file in the folder where your game is will make opening the game more fluid. The game will just pop up and start.

Our games are a great way to break up a presentation if you need some type relief in the middle of a talk. Many conference speakers love our products because it allows them to do quick games for review and for fun.