Video Tutorials

Learn how to use Audience Response hardware and more!

C3 Cloud Games & Response Cards
In this session you will learn how to set up a game to connect up with TurningTechnology's response cards using the C3 Cloud.
Pre-Assign Turning Technology Keypads During a Game
Learn how to assign, set up and test your keypads during a game. Also learn 2 ways you can reveal results.
Pre-Assign Response Pads
Learn how to pre-assign your response cards within the builder as well as how to export your class list to use in other game.
Keypads as Ring-In Devices
Learn how to play a game more like a traditional TV game show, where each team has 1 keypad to answer the questions.
Setting up Ping (Virtual Response Pads)
Learn how to set-up the Ping Virtual Response Pads and how your attendees can set-up their own as well.
Response Cards and All Play Mode
Explore the different features of the All Play Mode with Audience Response Cards.
Changing the USB Channel with BRAVO!
Explore two ways you can change the Turning Technologies USB Receiver Channel and how to change the your Response Card Channel.