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Game Introductions

Quiz Show Introduction

Billionaire Introduction

Catapult Introduction

Spin Off Introduction

Moonshot Introduction

TALLY Introduction

SPARKv2 Introduction

General Information

Assigning Roles within your Organization

Repurpose your PowerPoint Content

Reports and Data Collections Overview

Repurpose your PowerPoint Content

Quick Start Game Builder

Turning Tech Keypad Set up

Using Virtual Response Pads in the BravoZone

Using Question Timers in games in the BravoZone

Publish Feature in BravoZone

Reducing the Size of your Screen

How to rig the Spin Off Wheel and why

Sharing your Library within your Org

How to Create an Incognito Shortcut

Show a URL link in your content

Troubleshooting Tips in a Live Event

Reviving your BRAVO Flash Content in 2021

Placing YouTube Videos in your Content

Printing out your Questions from a Game

Adding & Removing Turning Keypads

Creating Questions in the BravoZone

Restrict the Number of Plays In a Self-Paced Session

Randomizing Questions in a Self-Paced Session

Using the Library in the BravoZone

Changing Game Language & Text

Using SCORM in an LMS

Creating an eLearning or Self-Paced Training Game (non LMS)

Saving PowerPoint as Images

Download a PDF of Questions From the BravoZone

Send out a Preview Link of your session

Admin Settings in the BravoZone


Upgrade to Tally V2

How to Use the Slide Feature in Tally V2

Using Image Maps in TALLY

Reports and Data Collections Overview


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