Video Tutorials

Learn the basics of game creation, question building, customizations and publishing your BravoZone games.

Getting Started

BravoZone Intro to HTML5 Games

In this tutorial you will learn what all the games in the BravoZone have in common when it comes to building content, from questions, to preview and summary slides.

Creating Questions in the BravoZone

In this session we will give you an overview of the most common and default settings in the question editor in the BravoZone.

Getting Started using Image Maps in Tally

In this session we will show you how to use Image Maps and hotspots in Tally. This is a unique feature that is unique to Tally in the BravoZone.

Game Introductions

Quiz Show Introduction

Learn the basics of how to create a Quiz Show game as we walk you through and explain the differences between a self-paced and instructor-led game. Learn the basics with a quick overview of customizing your teams, the question grid, the final question and game play.

Spin Off Introduction

This video is intended as a overview of the features in Spin Off template found on the BravoZone. It will cover the following:

• 2-10 categories with 1-10 questions each
• Classroom mode: participants play on 2-10 teams or compete individually (All-Play)
• Classroom mode: participants answer with mobile devices, or verbally
• Self-paced mode: email students a link or upload to your LMS

Billionaire Introduction

In this session we will introduce you to the Billionaire Game Template. Billionaire game can be played as an instructor-led session or in self-paced mode.

Catapult Introduction

In this session will introduce you to the Catapult template in the BravoZone. Catapult can be played as Instructor-led or in Self-paced mode.

Moonshot Introduction

This video is intended as a overview of the features in Moonshot template found on the BravoZone. It will cover the following:

• A galactic battle, where teams race to land their shuttle on the moon
• Up to 30 questions per game
• Instructor-led mode: Participants compete on 2-10 teams
• Instructor-led mode: Participants answer with mobile devices, Turning Tech Keypads, or verbal response
• Self-paced mode: Email students a link or upload to your LMS

TALLY Introduction

Live, Interactive, Instructor-led Presentations with Quiz, Poll, and Open-Ended questions:

• Introduce content with Slides or import your PPT Slides
• Question types: Multiple Choice, Select All That Apply, Poll, Open-Ended, and the new and improved Image Map feature
• Participants join 2-10 teams or individually
• Participants answer with mobile devices or Turning Technologies Keypads
• Detailed results are saved for each classroom session
• Have up to a 100 slides in your presentationS

Best Practices

Assigning Roles in Your Organization in the BravoZone

Many organizations may have multiple instructors and builders. This tutorial will show you how to assign roles within you organization.

Repurpose your PowerPoint Content

In this tutorial learn how you can learn to use PowerPoint content in the BRAVOZONE.

Troubleshooting Tips in a Live Event

In this lesson we will show you some key points to be aware of when using a game in a live session. They include, how to see who is playing and if they answered, the value of redoing a question, and some troubleshooting tips when you or your users get close their browser by mistake. You will learn how to allow those that are late to attend can still join in the game.

Edit Screen Size to Reduce Crowding

If you notice you a have text overlapping other text in your game in most cases this can be corrected by a simple step. In fact there are many ways to do this but we are going to teach you the easiest way.

Creating a Custom Introduction Screen & Logo in the BravoZone

In this session you will learn how to create using our PowerPoint template an introduction page that shows up when you first launch your session. This screen could be for branding, instructions , or anything you want. The choice is yours.

General Information

Changing the Game Language and Text

This tutorial will show you how you can change some of the wording that shows up in game play using the interface text. Interface text is text like Score, Incorrect, Correct, etc. that show up as you go though your content. In this tutorial we will change the language of the interface text from English to Spanish.

Administrator Settings in the BravoZone

There is an option to turn on some global settings in the BravoZone as an administrator. This setting will apply to other administrators in your organization as well. The video will talk about some things to be aware of before you turn these setting on.

Upgrade to Tally V2

In this tutorial you will learn how to easily convert your Classic Tally to Tally V2.

How to Use the Slide Feature in Tally V2

In this session we will introduce you to the new Slide option in Tally2 on how it works and how to set it up in the BravoZone.

Reports & Data Collection in the BravoZone

This tutorial will cover the new features found in the BravoZone to customized fields. Currently in the BravoZone these updates are available in all of the game templates and the New Tally. Whirl and Spark have some features already but will be updated later to match. The features covered include Customize fields, Email confirmation that is sent after completion, and a review of the new improved reports collection for individual session.

Restrict the Number of Plays In a Self-Paced Session

You have the ability in a Self-Paced session (single player) to restrict the number of attempts to play a session. You must first require the student to sign in and the rest is easy. If you want to allow a student to try again after they have exhausted there attempts, we will show you how you can do that as well.

Self-Paced: Randomizing Your Questions

When creating a Self-Paced session, you have the ability to randomize your questions each time the session is played.

Placing YouTube Videos in your Content

In this short tutorial you will learn how to insert a video from Youtube and play it in any of your content in the BravoZone.

Reviving your BRAVO Flash Content in 2021

Even though we are mourning the passing of Adobe Flash, there is a way to revive some of your content - specifically any questions that are being used in the old BRAVO Flash game. This short video will show you two ways you can revive content from old Flash based BRAVO games.

Why "Publish" in the BravoZone? Hint: For Self Paced Games

The primary purpose of the Publish feature found in any of the HTML5 games in the BravoZone is to protect data from previous sessions played in Self-paced mode. For example, if you have 30 people that are going to play a game, and you go in and add a question or make changes to a question or answer after 10 people have already completed the session, this will skew your data for the remainder of those yet to complete the session.

Sharing your Library

Learn how you can share your library with others within your organization. Once shared, they can use the content in any platform within the BravoZone.

Printing Your Questions

This short tutorial will show you how you can easily download your questions to your computer allowing you to share with other instructors or for your review.

How to Insert a Link into your Summary & Preview Slides

This tutorial will cover inserting an image from a URL into your session as well as cover how to easily create Hyperlinks in a session. Hint it is easier than Microsoft Word.

Inserting a YouTube Video into the BravoZone

In this short tutorial you will learn how to insert a video from Youtube and play it in BravoZone.

Using the Question Timer in the BravoZone for Games

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the question timer in games, how it can help reduce ties, and if need be, how to turn it off in a active game.

Using the Library in the BravoZone

In this session will show you how to create a library and how to move questions to and from the library as well as edit questions once they are in the library.

Download a PDF of Questions From the BravoZone

See how you can make available a PDF option of your questions and answers to your students. Don't want to share this information with your students? No problem, but you as the instructor have options to do download either a CSV or PDF of your questions and answers.

Send out a Preview Link of your session in The BravoZone

This tutorial will introduce you to the new feature that allows you to send out a preview or review of your session to anyone. This link shows questions and correct answers, Preview and Summary slides, video and audio that may be used in your session.

Using Turning Technologies Keypads

Getting Started Using Turning Technology Keypads with Games in the BravoZone

Learn how to to set up Turning Technologies Keypads with games in the BravoZone. Check out the tutorial on using Keypads from multiple locations.

Use Turning Technology Keypads from Multiple Sites in a Session

In this tutorial you will learn how easy it is to play a session using Turning Technology Keypads from multiple locations in a single game. You can also combine keypads with smart phones, tablets, and computers by having attendees go to the URL and enter the session ID number.

Adding & Removing Turning Keypads during a Session

This session will cover how to add keypads to an active game anytime and how to remove a keypad during a session and why you would want to do so. View who is participating in your game and what keypad has not answered a question in your session.

Using Virtual Response Pads

Getting Started using Virtual Response Pads with Games in the BravoZone

In this session we will discuss how to get started using virtual response pads with game in the BravoZone using smart device, tablets, or a computer browser.

Spin Off

How to rig the Spin Off Wheel and why

How to Rig the Wheel in a sequential order. By "rigging" the wheel this allows you to go through all the questions and categories in a specific order.