What's New?

In this short tutorial will cover some recent updates to in the BravoZone.

Quick Links

On the new Welcome Page you will see at the top of the page some quick links. These can also be found under the Content tab in the top navigation bar. They are Create, My Content, Shared Content, Question Editor, Self-Paced Scores, and Instructor-led Scores (Reports).

Question Editor

This is new, and it is now more visible. Unlike the Question Library, the Question Editor allows you to edit or add content to your questions. Check out the tutorial to learn more. Click here.

12 Teams Option available in Quiz Show

You now have the option to have up to 12 teams in Quiz Show, this option is only available in Quiz Show.

Team Results are now available in the instructor-led Scores.

By clicking on the Participant tab in the third column you can view who was assigned to what team.